Growing shrimp in America’s Dairyland

Green Bay Press Gazette.
‎WESTBY — America’s Dairyland might seem an unlikely place for growing some of the country’s favorite seafood. Wisconsin’s first indoor shrimp farm is in the heart of the Kickapoo Valley, where the organic food industry is booming. The family-owned… Continue reading at



Westby Man Opens Wisconsin’s First Indoor Shrimp Farm

WKBT LaCrosse – ‎Apr 28, 2014‎
It’s probably because America’s Dairyland is known for cheese curds and milk, not shrimp, but that didn’t stop Adam from diving in head first. He purchased four large swimming pools, filled them with about 3,200 gallons of water and just addedshrimp… Continue reading at



WESTBY – Unique shrimp farm right at home in America’s Dairyland (Milwaukee) – ‎Apr 29, 2014.‎
Wisconsin’s first indoor shrimp farm is located in the heart of the Kickapoo Valley, where the organic food industry is booming. The family owned Dairyland Shrimp raises Pacific White shrimp year-round in a large red building near downtown Westby… Continue reading at



 Love seafood? Wisconsin’s first indoor shrimp farm begins sales soon – ‎Apr 28, 2014.
Wisconsin’s first indoor shrimp farm is located in the heart of Wisconsin’s Kickapoo Valley where the organic food industry is booming. The family-owned Dairyland Shrimp raises Pacific White shrimp year-round in large red building near downtown
Westby… Continue reading at



Wisconsin becomes home to its first indoor shrimp farm

Pioneer Press – ‎Apr 28, 2014‎ Westby, WI.
America’s Dairyland might seem an unlikely place for growing some of the country’s favorite seafood. Wisconsin’s first indoor shrimp farm is in the heart of the Kickapoo Valley, where the organic food industry is booming. The family-owned… Continue at



‘Is the shrimp local?’ ‘You betcha!’ Wisconsin’s dive into aquaculture

Rick Kupchella’s BringMeTheNews – ‎Apr 28, 2014.‎
Wisconsin’s first indoor shrimp farm is about to produce its first product for market. Dairyland Shrimp owner Forbes Adam is tending 14,000 Pacific white shrimp that swim in four tanks that look like above-ground swimming pools, heated to a warm 93 degrees… continue reading at



 Shrimp From Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Public Radio, Tuesday, April 22,
2014, 3:54pm By Maureen McCollum New Aquatic Farming Methods Are Making
It Possible Dairyland Shrimp, Wisconsin’s First Indoor Shrimp Farm, Will
Begin Selling In June…..Continue reading at