Destructive Effect of Mangrove Shrimp Farming.

Dominican_republic_Los_Haitises_mangrovesHave you ever thought about where your shrimp come from? Odds are, your shrimp are coming from a mangrove forest shrimp farm. Mangroves forests are complex ecosystem that can be found in tropical areas all around the world. These forests produce much of the worlds oxygen and store more carbon than all the worlds rainforest. Mangroves are also where shrimp are born and spend the early stages of their life, along with 75% of all tropical fish. Mangroves are also home to many endangers species, including the bangled tiger.

Unethical shrimp farmers like to take advantage of mangrove forest because they are naturally perfect environments for raising shrimp. Shrimp farms are created by clearing large areas in mangroves to create pools where they can raise the shrimp. These pools are over crowded with shrimp living in terrible conditions. The waters are filled with antibiotics and pesticides and are so toxic that after 3 years the pools are abandoned. The farmers simple cut down more forests and begin the destructive process all over again.

Dairyland Shrimp’s mission is to provide our customers with health and ethically raised shrimp, not shrimp that are unhealthy to consumer and from farms that are destructive to the environment. To learn more about mangrove forest watch the video below or visit: