Who We Are

Dairyland Shrimp LLC  is located Westby, Wisconsin. Known for being America’s Dairyland, we felt a name like Dairyland Shrimp was a bit unique since we probably have more cows than the Gulf has shrimp. Not really, but we like to humor ourselves. Our farm is located in the heart of the Kickapoo Valley where the organically-grown food industry is booming, so the concept of farming locally-raised Pacific White Shrimp year round through an environmentally-friendly “biofloc” process sparked our interest. We also have opened another location in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota.

Upon hearing about biofloc shrimp farming, we immediately recognized the value of offering fresh, eco-friendly shrimp and set out to learn more. We then found a shrimp farm in Minnesota and after taking a tour, we bought a couple of pounds of shrimp and were blown away by the flavor and freshness. The decision was made to embark on the endeavor of farming Pacific White Shrimp, Penaeus Vannamei, in an indoor, zero waste, recirculating biofloc system.

Our children love shrimp, and knowing what we now know about imported shrimp, our family feels lucky to have a source of locally-grown shrimp to enjoy. At Dairyland we offer more than just shrimp, we offer a fresh and healthy product that consumers can feel good about eating.