Hilldale Farmers’ Market

This past weekend Dairyland Shrimp participated in their first Farmers’ Market.22 dollars a pound sign  Forbes, Dairyland Shrimp’s founder, and his son Hudson got up bright and early to round up the shrimp and put them on ice.  They then traveled to Madison and with the help of Nora and Maria set up to spread the word about fresh, local, sustainable shrimp.

We had many good conversations with other Hilldale Farmers’ Market vendors and consumers.  The Hilldale Farmers’ Market products were of top quality and we were honored to be a fellow vendor.  If you haven’t been we highly recommend going and trying out the scrumptious pastries, divine coffee, and amazing lettuce grown by Windy Drumlins using aquaponics.  If you are interested in learning more about aquaponics please go to http://www.windydrumlins.com/.

Everyone was so welcoming and we can’t wait to go back at the end of May or early June with our next shrimp harvest.  If you missed out please like us on Facebook and/or add yourself to our newsletter so you can get updates on where we will be selling shrimp next.  Thanks to everyone who came to visit us in Madison!  Let us know how your shrimp entrees turned out by sending us your comments and pictures to mkarendt@dairylandshimp.com. Also, you are more than welcome to submit a comment below.


The Dairyland Shrimp Team.

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  1. Mark Krause says:

    We haven’t met but I believe you met and talked with my wife and daughter at the last Hilldale farmer’s market. I was busy filling other orders AND going to the dump with our garbage so I couldn’t attend. Just wanted to reach out to you and say “thanks” for making reference to us in the article above. It would be great if we get a chance to meet some time.

    Best regards……………Mark

    • admin says:

      Hello Mark,
      It was lovely to meet your family and learn more about Windy Drumlins. We were quite enamored by the great work you have done to create your set up. We look forward to meeting you at a future Hilldale Farmers’ Market!

      -Maria and the Dairyland Team

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