The Truth About Imported Shrimp

Danger Hazardous MaterialOver 90% of shrimp you find in the super market are imported from other countries. Only 2% of the shrimp that is imported is inspected by U.S. regulatory agencies. Imported shrimp is more contaminated more than any other seafood in the United States. It is estimated that shrimp accounts for 26% – 35% of all rejected seafood.

All kinds of contaminants can be found in imported shrimp, such as chemicals, banned antibiotics, pesticides, and even cockroaches. Penicillin and antibiotics that are legal in the United States can also be found in shrimp. While this is legal, antibiotics can still trigger an allergic reaction when consumed. Cancer-causing chemicals are also a factor.

Imported  shrimp is also dangerous for the environment. Mangrove forests all over the world are being permanently destroyed to make room for toxic shrimp farms.

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