Welcome to Dairyland Shrimp

Dairyland Shrimp LLC is a family-owned indoor shrimp farm that raises Pacific White Shrimp where you would least expect it–in the middle of America’s Dairyland. We have the freshest shrimp you can find in Wisconsin! We guarantee fresh, healthy, responsibly-raised shrimp without antibiotics or added chemicals and hormones. Learn more about our shrimp farming process.

Why Buy From A Local Shrimp Farm?

The shrimp you buy at the grocery store are likely imported from Asia or South America. Imported shrimp are frozen, thawed, chlorinated, and then food coloring is added to create an artificial appearance. A large percentage of imported shrimp are raised in China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Ecuador, where there is little to no shrimp farm regulation for the overuse of prohibited drugs, and even less concern for natural habitats and ecosystems. Many Indonesian producers grow their product in shrimp farm ponds full of urea, superphosphate, diesel, and pesticides. They also use antibiotics, growth hormones, and other chemicals banned in United States for aquaculture use.

Conventional shrimp farming and production in these countries has a horrific impact on our environment. “Wild caught” shrimp fishing involves a process called “trawling”, whereby fisherman drag nets the size of football fields across the ocean floor. This process destroys marine habitats, coral reefs, and ends up killing “by catch”, which can include sharks, rays, sea turtles, and fish in huge numbers. Other shrimp farming methods used to supply the U.S. market have led to the destruction of mangrove forests in South America at a rate that exceeds the planet’s loss of tropical rainforests.

Dairyland’s shrimp are sold fresh. No chemicals or colorings are necessary to enhance the product, and our shrimp is much more flavorful than shrimp from the grocery store. You can feel good about eating our product because it is sustainably grown and does not destroy natural ecosystems, like the shrimp found in grocery stores. We have a few tasty shrimp recipes for you to enjoy.

From our family’s farm to your family’s plate, our customers understand the benefits of consuming fresh seafood responsibly-raised from a eco-friendly shrimp farm.